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very interesting. thank you

thank you too


Your game was great man loved the creepy guy coming out of nowhere it was a little short but that's not a big problem for me. What was that thing i picked up on the rope in the woods im a little confused on that?

I'm sorry, it's my first game! the key was there at the wrong time, it was to open the car, "Lou", the name of the antagonist stole from you somehow

Very well done! I really like the very pixelated style that the game has and the concept of the game! I had a lot of fun playing it! I would love to see more of this game, or even a game with the same type of dark and disconcerting concept like this one! Also I really did not expect that ending! Great job on this one!


soon i will make a more complex

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it already!

woaw beatifull

thank you bro haha

Apparently I couldn't escape the creature in this game. Also, it's funny because I walked faster than the creature itself lol... It's fun though, nevertheless :)

I corrected this error

It's alright though :)
Anyway, does this game really only have one ending?

Yeas haha ! is very short

Oh, well then :)

I really like the idea. I just wish i could run lol.

sorry, it was a bug, my computer doesn’t have the Left Shift key, so I put it to run on Space while it produced, but I’ve already fixed it

ahh ok cool :D 


this creeped the HELL out of me.. the whole time..

I loved this video, dude!


Thank you so so much !!

really good game well done love the style of it please check out the play through below :) 

Great job. Was the key for something in particular? Could I have left without it, or was it for the car? Wasn't sure what that was for. Interesting game though. Creepy bad guy. 

Thanks for playing !! 

the key was to escape in the car, but I confess that the level design wasn’t cool, I had plans for random places where she was going to appear, but I had a 10 hour goal to make the game, so I didn’t think much about it.

Gave me chills at first, but the game quickly turned into running around a table to get away from a middle school bully. Great vibe, needs polish

it is my first game, orbited for evaluating, I will improve!

Could use some polish

clear! yes yes

this game gave me the chills

hahaha he knows who you are


Simple game with a great twist! Wish there was more! Good game!

Is there any chance that i can escape in this game?

Really liked this little horror game

thank y bro ! will have more better games

Show post...

strange story

yes, i know... thank for playing my game !


Great game! I really enjoyed it. It's rare that a game makes me jump but this one got me at the end haha. Thanks!


haha thanks for playing man!
it is my first game, but how good it was, I am creating a better and more complex game, I hope you play! I loved your mask haha

Nice! Yeah I will definitely check out any game you make. Can't wait to see what you do!


Really liked how it plays out, though some information at the start could make it a bit clearer what our goal is. Loved the monster's design too.


Thanks for playing ! loved your gameplay, won another subscriber! I understood the constructive criticism, I am improving a lot and soon a more complex game with better playability comes out.

It was fun playing it xD

Super great job on making the game. I got siren head vibesss

was my inspiration to create this simple game, thanks for playing! I'm creating a more elaborate and complex one, I hope you play!
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