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Can we please get a patch so this works in the desktop app? Cheers. :)

thank you


Thank you for played my game,  in a few months I'm out again, online :)

Your game is the first one! This was a blast. I adore pixelated games so much and this one didn't disappoint. Great work!

lmao, use Left Shift for run, thank you for pla

yed <3



Nice game

hello guys, look this

Pretty interesting game. Everything is really good, but I still have a few problems. For one, the pixel filter is a bit too heavy. I can hardly see anything in the distance, so maybe lower it a bit, but not too much because it was really cool. Also, the monster can walk through the car, which is really just a bug. Other than that, the game is great! Keep it up!


I agree with you, I also thought the filters were heavy, I was going to change it but I totally lost the game files and probably this will be the last update :( but to make a "remake" of this game, totally different and with PS2 graphics

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A very interesting and short horror game.

I love how you left a bear trap right in front of the key, absolutely devilish.

thank you dude, nice video !


I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. This was actually the first game I ever played for YouTube. I honestly wish there was more to this, it was such an interesting experience to play through. I definitely have quite a few questions about the cult and our pursuer. I did encounter a strange issue where returning to the menu, through death or completion, would disable the cursor. Overall, it was a delightful game, thank you!

I was going to fix this bug, friend, but I lost the files, but I'm creating a new version of this game, practically a reimagination, where I explain things better and make the gameplay perfect and more tense

I completely understand, my friend, no worries. I can't wait to try out your re-imagining! I look forward to seeing how you expand upon this!

look this trailer 

This honestly looks really good! I'll definitely have to play it again when it releases. Any ideas on a time-frame? Take your time with it and keep yourself in good health, good things in time, my friend.

the beta will be out soon, but as I'm going to add multiplayer, to be completely complete it will take a while.
Remake in Trid Person is comming

Great game.... Starts at 44 sec.


Fun game! It was well made, and especially loved he moody and drab environment of the forest. The monster was well made; was easy enough to avoid but still annoying enough that you need to run away from it. The keys took me a while to get to, but still a good time eater to get to, though a little mention on how it may have gotten lost might have made more sense as you went to go find it. 

One glitch (I think, unless it was intentional) I found was that after I died to the monster, I was unable to click on anything in the home screen and had to restart the game to play. It was probably just me, but thought I would mention it.

But yeah, really fun and interesting game. Enjoyed playing it and good luck on newer projects! 

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

i lost the archive

this isa cool mini horror game I love it

it can be expanded more tho :D

so now I also joined the cult. Now next part cult rituals cult fights sacrifices haha fire dances or what

Cool game, pretty short, I would've liked it more if there was like more danger/gameplay aspects to it but it was cool nonetheless!

I made a gameplay. But it's not your usual everyday gameplay !

Just follow the rules.

was fun to play and to record.

this game was really cool i wasnt able to do much but still well made just had to put in my content

Game was kinda cool i liked the pixelated style ngl but I cussed a lot so if you're not a fan of profanity DON'T WATCH

I'm pretty sure I missed something, but overall this is a good game! I enjoyed playing this! 


Pretty nice game, good style, ending made me sad. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 

Cool little game! I had fun playing it. 


Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:07! Hope ya enjoy!

The opening atmosphere to this was good. Not sure if the creeper was faster when i wasn't looking but it was a decent effect. 

Hope you enjoy the video

I liked the atmosphere and pixelated look to the game!  The game managed to scare me quite a bit too!  This game starts at 0:10 of the video.

I got this feeling I missed some information, I just realised from the screen shots that there was a "note" that I could've found. Unfortunately, I didn't find it and provided feedback which looks like was already covered. I'm so curious what the note says now. Short game, interesting monster that looked like they knew kung fu.

Oh how I enjoy my time doing hard work for the CULT. Loved the game. uwu  Enjoyed every bit of it! 

I will do reviews for other things you have too!

Thank you

SOOO I guess I am in now!

I liked what I played of this game, but I think I missed a lot. After certain things happened, I was convinced I had seen the end of the game. Looking back now though, I’m not so sure. 

so...i joined a cult...also is the thumbnail scary
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I really enjoyed the game even tho i couldn't find the key. And there was a bug I encountered,... after I die in the game, the cursorlockstate was still locked and invisible so I had to close n reopen the game every time i died.

Here is my video if you are interested: 

I joined the cult! Pretty good game I hope to see more of it plus some more storyline! Thanks for putting this up!

lmao, i sorry for mouse bug man :D i fixed now


No worries, fun little quirk lol. Can't wait for more!

Great game dude enjoyed playing it a lot

It was just difficult to find the key but it was nice non the less. I hope you keep updating it so that I can come back to the game! If you want you can check out the video I made bout it

oh man, i'm sorry, i think you ended up playing the version that the key disappears for some reason, but i fixed it! and I added new things, I hope you will think about playing!

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I actually hoped that it would continue to be updated so that I could play the game at it's full potential. Thanks for telling me I'll have a new video in the works soon, enjoy

I really had fun with this one (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video)

I loved your video, you remind me of Eminem hahaha, stay tuned next time, less simple, more complex.

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Thanks! I will definitely play your next game, very curious to see what you will do next.

if your on a mac it doesnt work while it didnt work for me 

I can make a Mac version for you, do you want me to do it?

Great game dude

thank you dude!

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